Nitta technology is incorporated into truck and bus air brake system thermoplastic tubing and couplings, as well as in the piping of exhaust gas-detoxifying urea SCR systems.


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  • Urea SCR System Piping
    Urea SCR System Piping

    These thermoplastic tubing are designed for urea SCR systems used in the purification of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

  • Air Brake Piping and Couplings
    Air Brake Piping and Couplings

    These thermoplastic piping and couplings are used in the air brake system of trucks and other large automobiles, which require a large braking force.

Passenger Cars

Nitta Group products are used in the fuel lines and engines of automobiles, which are indispensable to modern life.

Passenger Cars

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  • Auto Tensioners, Micro-V Belts, Timing Belts
    Auto Tensioners,
    Micro-V Belts, Timing Belts

    These products boast proven reliability and performance for operations carried out around the engine—at the very heart of the car.

  • Fuel Lines
    Fuel Lines

    These tubes are environmentally friendly and lightweight, with low fuel permeability.

  • Automatic Tool Changers
    Automatic Tool Changers

    These tools help boost productivity by giving industrial robots multiple functions.