Logistics and Transportation

Delivery Centers

For parcel delivery centers, Nitta offers belt curve conveyors to move cargo and RFID tags to facilitate the distribution management process.

Delivery Centers

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  • UHF-band Metal-compatible RFID Tags
    UHF-band Metal-compatible RFID Tags

    These RFID tags overcome the typical difficulties involved in using IC tags with metal. They are utilized in materials management and other processes at time-critical distribution sites.

  • Belt Curve Conveyors
    Belt Curve Conveyors

    This conveyor ensures that goods can be moved safely, even at high speeds.

  • Conveyor Belts
    Conveyor Belts

    A robust lineup of conveyor belt options is available to match the needs of different types of cargo.


The Nitta Group provides air springs for high-speed trains throughout the world to ensure greater passenger comfort and train car stability while in motion. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, Nitta is helping people live safer, more enriching lives.


  • Rail Vehicle Air Springs
    Rail Vehicle Air Springs

    These springs greatly dampen the vibration transmitted from the wheels to the railcar, thereby contributing to safer and more comfortable train travel.