Civil Engineering and Construction


Bridge expansion joints have been employed in numerous bridges such as the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. And for protection from earthquakes, Nitta rubber bearings.
Additionally, Nitta delineators are used to facilitate traffic flow and safety.


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  • Bridge Expansion Joints
    Bridge Expansion Joints

    These joints contribute to bridge safety by accommodating temperature-induced expansion and contraction of roads.

  • Delineators

    These delineators contribute to driver safety by serving as lane dividers, traffic buffers, and visual guidance devices.

  • Rubber Bearings for Bridges
    Rubber Bearings for Bridges

    These bearings help protect structures during earthquakes by dampening seismic vibrations.


Nitta helps ensure structural and occupant safety in office buildings by offering air filters for the breathing environment, underground base isolation members for seismic dampening, and waterproofing materials for rooftop water damage protection.


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  • Waterproofing Materials
    Waterproofing Materials

    These materials extend the life of buildings by preventing leaks.

  • Air Filters
    Air Filters

    These energy-saving filters help improve the performance of air purification systems in buildings.

  • Base Isolation Members
    Base Isolation Members

    These members protect the things and occupants inside buildings by dampening and slowing seismic vibrations.