Semiconductors, Liquid Crystals, and Electronic Components

Electronic Component Manufacturing

Nitta produces polishing pads and slurries, pressure distribution sensors, timing belts, and other products used in the field of semiconductor manufacturing and processing.
In addition, Nitta offers particulate measuring equipment used for maintaining clean environments.

Electronic Component Manufacturing

Electronic Component Manufacturing

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  • Timing Belts
    Timing Belts

    These belts are used in a host of different environments and contexts requiring precision conveyance.

  • Pressure Distribution Measurement Systems
    Pressure Distribution Measurement Systems

    These systems contribute to quality improvement at manufacturing sites by providing real-time measurement of pressure distribution.

  • Polishing Pads and Slurries
    Polishing Pads and Slurries

    These products enable semiconductor polishing processes to achieve nano-scale precision.

  • Particle Counters
    Particle Counters

    These devices contribute to improved production environment safety by providing real-time measurement of airborne particles and bacteria.

  • Air Filters
    Air Filters

    These filters remove dust and gas with the exacting level of precision demanded for clean rooms.

  • Thermal-Sensitive Adhesive Intelimer™ Tape
    Thermal-Sensitive Adhesive
    Intelimer™ Tape

    This tape varies between being adhesive and non-adhesive depending upon temperature. It can be reused, making it resource- and cost-efficient.

  • Clean Tubes and Couplings
    Clean Tubes and Couplings

    These products are used with high-efficiency piping systems of semiconductor production equipment, analyzers, and other devices.