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SHIFT2030 Medium- to Long-Term Business Plan

Between 2021 and 2030, the Nitta Group is pursuing its SHIFT2030 medium- to long-term business plan.

SHIFT2030 Vision Statement (Ideal Image)

cored around manufacturing

SHIFT2030 *Innovation Bird

In the future, the world surrounding our group will change rapidly, such as with technological innovation and changes in values in society.
In order to grow sustainably under these drastic environmental changes, we have to change ourselves flexibly and agilely.
In [SHIFT], a strong will, where we ourselves keep changing towards the ideal image, is embedded.

cored around manufacturing

Wish embedded in ideal image

For the next 10 years from now,with manufacturing as core, we continue strengthening existing business and technologies,and at the same time,we newly expand the existing business and technologies and search for Innovation

By continuing 2 [SHIFT]s, deepening and searching, we will enlarge our group’s business fields and contribute to industries more widely.

  • ・SHIFT for deepening:We aim to increase competitiveness by repeating improvement and strengthening existing business more.
  • ・SHIFT for searching:We aim to make discontinuous changes (innovation) by creating new markets and new technologies and creating new business.

SHIFT2030 Qualitative targets

Three SHIFTs

1. SHIFT for Growth
  • ・Sustainably grow existing business
  • ・Search for new business
  • ・Accelerate new product development
2. SHIFT for Corporate Value Enhancement
  • ・Enhance quality and total cost competitiveness
  • ・Strengthen corporate governance and compliance
  • ・Promote ESG and achieve the Goals of SDGs
3. SHIFT for Further Globalization
  • ・Further the global expansion of each business
  • ・Strengthen global support via the Corporate Section

SHIFT2030 Milestones of quantitative targets

SHIFT2030 Milestones of quantitative targets

In all fiscal years, these are net sales where 「Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition」 is applied

Amount of capital investment
  • Ph1(2021〜2024)
    21.8 billion yen
  • Ph2(2025〜2027)
    9.4 billion yen
  • Ph3(2028〜2030)
    8.8 billion yen
  • Total
    40 billion yen