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“Going ahead with you”
The Nitta Group will contribute to global society by bringing innovative products.Representative Director/President
Yasunori Ishikiriyama

Representative Director/President Yasunori Ishikiriyama

Representative Director/President
Yasunori Ishikiriyama

As a monozukuri (craftsmanship) company, we have developed and provided products that meet the needs of the times for over 130 years, since our founding, and have gained strong trust from our many stakeholders. Now industry is entering a critical phase of technological innovation. In order to create further value as a truly global company in this situation, the Nitta Group needs to exert every effort using all our resources. Under these circumstances, what we are especially conscious of is “creating products that are useful for customers and society ”. Various Nitta Group associates in 15 countries across the world share this concept where each individual is proactively undertaking to actualize this. Also, we see the necessity to enhance systems to flexibly respond to the speed of change that will accelerate in the future. From now on, Nitta will contribute globally to society and the environment by bringing forth innovative and meaningful ideas. We sincerely appreciate your continuous support.