Core Technologies and Products, Fields of Contribution

Nitta generates new value through the application of its many years of research and development experience and advanced technological expertise to the making of high-performance / high-functional products, from original materials such as rubber, resin and fiber.

Product design technology

  • 1. Material technology
    • ・Rubber and resin formulation technology
    • ・Resin synthesis (urethane, acrylic) technology
    • ・Nanomaterials development
    • ・Adhesives design for various materials
    • ・Ink design technology
  • 2. Process development technology
    • ・Rubber/fabric composite integration
    • ・Adhesion and seal technology
    • ・Multilayering technology
    • ・Extrusion molding technology
    • ・Detachable mechanism design
    • ・Nano material dispersion and adhesion technology
    • ・Accurate coating technology
    • ・Decontamination technology
  • 3. Evaluation・Testing・Analysis technology
    • ・Material mechanics characteristic evaluation
    • ・Chemical composition analysis
    • ・Rheology characteristic evaluation
    • ・Cleanliness evaluation
    • ・Sensor characteristic evaluation
    • ・Various durability testing
    • ・Dynamic evaluation (belts, hoses, etc.)
    • ・Simulation design

Fields of Contribution, Products, Core Technologies