Research and Development Policy

We implement both the [Deepening] of existing business and [Searching] for creating new business that [SHIFT2030] is aiming for.

Our company and our group companies, in our medium- to long-term management plan SHIFT2030, have set up [SHIFT for deepening] and [SHIFT for searching]. In order to further accelerate [SHIFT for searching] that matches the demands of the times, such as being carbon-neutral and sustainability, we will proactively participate in open innovation, consortiums, and so on that develop links with outside research institutes from various fields and associated companies, and will make it the power of promotion to develop products. We will do this in order to strengthen the existing holding TPF (Technology Platform) of each of our group companies. Also, we will do management, keeping in mind the improvement of efficiency of research and development, so that we can do the following; search for needs more widely and grasp technical trends. Examples of these are NI (Nitta Innovation) activities, collaboration across the organization and the establishment of projects. We also will strengthen the basis of the research and development organization that keeps growing.

Executive Officer Technical Center Director
 Keiji Hirata

Intellectual Property

Basic policy

The Nitta Group's basic policy is to protect its intellectual property rights while acting with care to avoid infringing on the rights of others. In intellectual property-related activities, we place importance on continuous monitoring of patents in official gazettes and patent searches related to specific business themes. We also seek to achieve "SHIFT for deepening" and "SHIFT for searching" under our SHIFT 2030 medium- to long-term management plan. To contribute to the strengthening of existing businesses and the creation of new products and new businesses, we are promoting deepening activities and searching activities known as ambidexterity of exploitation and exploration within our intellectual property-related activities as well. As a deepening activity, we visualize and deeply investigate intellectual property-related information in collaboration with R&D organizations and divisions' technical organizations under a shared understanding, to promote the creation of an organization that can draft and execute effective intellectual property strategy within our business strategies. Toward that end, members of our intellectual property organization work to systematically strengthen their technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills to improve their capabilities for practical work in intellectual property. For R&D organizations and divisions' technical organizations, we conduct ongoing proprietary intellectual property education with original content delivered by in-house lecturers to raise awareness and knowledge of intellectual property and enable cooperative strategic activities. As another searching activity, we are strengthening our utilization of intellectual property information. Utilizing intellectual property information in the form of big data accumulated in digital space (IP DX), and taking into account market information and other information, we have launched initiatives in the IP landscape with the aim of proposing strategies that will contribute to management and business decisions. We are supporting the creation of ideas for new products and new businesses. We plan to maximize business profits through these intellectual property activities.