Research and Development Policy

Create and Develop New Markets and Products, and Enhance Company-Wide Technological Capacity via More Robust and More Evolved Composite Technologies of Soft Materials

In order to respond precisely and promptly to the increasingly global needs of our customers, we at Nitta have made it our mission to provide innovative solutions derived from composite technologies centered on soft materials such as rubber, resin, and fibers. To this end, we must continuously work at enhancing our technological capacity in the areas of product design, evaluation, testing, and analysis.At the same time, we are tackling the challenge of coming up with innovative products derived from basic technologies. An example of this is our pursuit—together with our customers—of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) offering novel functionality derived from the composite integration of highly dispersed carbon nanotubes, which originated out of synthesis-related research, with carbon fibers.We seek to take the results that this robust technological capacity provides and combine them with the needs of cutting-edge fields in order to bear fruit in the form of new business.We will continue to win the trust of the marketplace with our products and strive to be a company that contributes globally through our technology.

Director and Executive Officer Technical Center Director Takahiko YoshidaDirector and Executive Officer
Technical Center Director
Takahiko Yoshida