Procurement and Purchasing Initiatives

Nitta strives to ensure that its procurement and purchasing activities are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, in accordance with the Nitta Group Mission and Code of Conduct.

Nitta Group Procurement and Purchasing Policy

The Nitta Group is committed to offering products and services of exceptional value that will enhance society’s trust in the Nitta Group and contribute to the mutual growth and benefit of both. Towards that end, we adopt the following basic approach to our procurement and purchasing.

  1. 1. Legal Compliance and ConfidentialityBoth domestically and overseas, the members of the Nitta Group make sure that they understand all national and local laws and regulations relevant to their business operations; that they perform procurement and purchasing in compliance with these laws; and that they safely guard all confidential information and data obtained in the course of transactions.
    Also, the Nitta Group does not engage in transactions that infringe upon, or risk infringing upon, the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.
  2. 2. Objective Evaluation in Selecting Business PartnersThe Nitta Group selects business partners according to a set of clear and rational standards that take into consideration such factors as quality, price, company reliability, the likelihood of a stable supply, and environmental preservation.
    Also, as a rule, Nitta Group members solicit estimates from multiple business partners in order to always ensure an appropriate level of competition and fairness in selecting suppliers.
  3. 3. Fair and Impartial Business DealingsThe Nitta Group pursues business dealings that are fair, impartial, and transparent. Towards that end, it regularly reviews ongoing business arrangements and is constantly looking for business opportunities with new business partners.
    Additionally, the Nitta Group maintains a complete ban on interactions with antisocial forces and has no involvement in cartels or collusion.
  4. 4. Green Procurement and PurchasingThe Nitta Group pursues business dealings and selects suppliers that give sufficient consideration to environmental preservation, resource conservation, and other such concerns.
  5. 5. Emphasis on Corporate Social ResponsibilityThe Nitta Group assesses the financial status, technological capacity, and corporate stance of business partners and pursues business dealings that demonstrate a respect for corporate social responsibility.
  6. 6. Matters of Strict Adherence for Procurement ManagersProcurement managers within the Nitta Group must not have any personal interest, financial or otherwise, in the Group’s relationship with business partners or prospective business partners.
  7. 7. Awareness-Raising Directed at Business PartnersThe Nitta Group endeavors to build partnerships and improve mutual trust with business partners by ensuring that they understand all of the above, as well as pursue a similar approach to that of the Group.