Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management System

The Nitta Group has established the Risk Management Committee under the Board of Directors as an organization to flexibly manage the Group’s risk situation, and a subordinate Risk Management Subcommittee to identify, avoid, reduce, and prevent risks.
Generally meeting once a month, the Risk Management Subcommittee engages in duties related to the following.

  • 1.Drafting of policies and formulation of action plans concerning risk management
  • 2.Formulation and implementation of risk management proposals and formulation of proposals for the establishment, revision, or abolition of related basic policies, internal regulations, etc.
  • 3.Management, evaluation, and verification of risk management plans and progress in risk management
  • 4.Surveys and research of the enactment, revision, and abolishment of laws and regulations related to managing serious risks, as well as administrative and social trends
  • 5.Formulation and implementation of employee training plans and awareness-raising measures related to risk management
  • 6.Disclosure and communication of the status of crisis management event initiatives to stakeholders
  • 7.Instructions and coordination of information regarding other crisis management event initiatives for all group companies
Risk Management Subcommittee
Subcommittee chair Officer in charge of Safety, Environment, and Quality Group
Subcommittee members Persons responsible for the Strategic Management Dept.; General Affairs and CSR Promotion Dept.; Safety, Environment, and Quality Group; Management Administration Dept.; Purchasing Dept.; Human Resources Dept.; and Intellectual Property Dept.
Secretariat Safety, Environment, and Quality Group; General Affairs and CSR Promotion Dept.

NITTA Group Business Continuity Basic Policy

In the event of a major earthquake or other natural disaster, or any other emergency that causes major damage, our top priorities are to ensure the safety of our employees and their families, minimize the loss of business assets, and continue or promptly restore the operation of core businesses.
Based on these priorities, we stipulate the following Business Continuity Basic Policy and Action Guidelines.

NITTA Group Business Continuity Basic Policy
Basic Policy

The Nitta Group has formulated a business continuity plan which, with the involvement of all employees, seeks to continuously improve the Group’s ability to respond to and recover from risks capable of hindering business operations and negatively impacting stakeholders. It further ensures that the Group is able to continue business operations during contingency situations such as natural disasters and accidents, and enables group companies to fulfill their responsibilities to society and the local community while providing high-quality products and services.

Action Guidelines

We have established the following Action Guidelines to facilitate implementation of the Business Continuity Basic Policy.

During Normal Operations
  • ・Priority operations identification and recovery measuresEvery business department identifies priority operations that must be maintained during contingency situations, sets a target time frame for recovery of these operations, and systematically implements measures that will enable recovery within the time frame.
  • ・Procedure manual creation and trainingNitta has created procedure manuals and other instructional resources for facilitating business continuity and recovery during contingency situations, and conducts systematic training.
  • ・Revision and improvementNitta evaluates business environment changes and training results on a regular basis, and uses the results to facilitate ongoing revision and improvement of action plans and recovery procedure manuals.
During Contingency Situations
  • ・Respect for human lifeNitta’s chief priorities are confirmation of the safety of employees, their families, and persons in the surrounding affected areas, and prevention of secondary disasters.
  • ・Social contributionSharing an awareness of contributing to society and the local community across the Group, we work to facilitate employee-led initiatives involving preservation and restoration.

NITTA Group Information Security Policy

Information security is a major responsibility for companies, and Nitta works to ensure its reputation as a safe and reliable corporate group. We have an information management system, comprising an information security policy, information security management rules, and other key elements, that prevents information leaks and other situations where information could become compromised.

NITTA Group Information Security Policy

In accordance with the NITTA Group Code of Conduct and all relevant laws and regulations, the Nitta Group (“the Group”) handles customer and business partner information and Group information assets in a manner appropriate to the reasons for which said information and assets were obtained, and it undertakes initiatives (“information security”) to properly ensure the continued confidentiality, completeness, and availability of the information and assets in the face of threats to them.

  1. 1. Information Security SystemThe Group has created an information security system that governs such matters as the selection of information security officers.
  2. 2. Legal Compliance and Rule Development, AdherenceThe Group complies with all relevant information security-related laws and regulations (“relevant laws”). Also, the Group is fastidious in its preparation of and adherence to information security-related rules (“information security rules”) aimed at preventing leakage, destruction, loss, unauthorized access, or any other violation of information security.
  3. 3. Information Security MeasuresThe Group takes appropriate information security-related measures when performing information systems development, operation, or maintenance.
  4. 4. Prompt Handling of Accidents and FailuresThe Group has formulated response measures to be enacted in the event of an information security accident or information system failure to ensure the resumption of business operations as quickly as possible.
  5. 5. Training and Awareness-Raising ActivitiesThe Group carries out information security measures-related training and awareness-raising activities on an ongoing basis for employees in order to foster greater awareness about information security.
  6. 6. Ongoing Revision and ImprovementThe Group regularly inspects and assesses its level of compliance with this policy, relevant laws, and information security rules, as well as engages in ongoing revision, improvement, and enhancement of the information security system and its related measures.