Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally Friendly Products

Developing Environmentally Friendly Products

Developing Products That Help Save Energy
Among our flagship products, we are currently developing power-saving belts that decrease the load on motors by using low tension, resin tubing and joints that reduce energy consumption during manufacture and transport, and medium-performance filters that eliminate the need for pre-treatment filters thanks to improved performance. We will continue to develop products, with a focus on these and other industrial materials, from the initial stages of planning and draft design, through our prescribed design development management process and environmental impact assessment process. In doing so, we will examine the selection of raw materials, manufacturing and processing methods, and conditions that contribute to energy conservation, and design products that are lighter and have a longer life in consideration of energy consumption during use. We are actively engaged in corporate activities that take the environment into consideration from a long-term perspective, striving to expand our lineup of products that help conserve energy, and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions to help prevent global warming and protect the environment.
Plastic tube (urea SCR system tubing)
These resin tubes are used in urea SCR systems that scrub nitrogen oxides (NOx) from exhaust gases.
This product realizes reduced power consumption while maintaining exceptional durability (stable friction coefficient, high abrasion resistance, and high flex resistance).

Expanding Sales of Environmentally Friendly Products

The Nitta Group develops and works to expand sales of environmentally friendly products like those listed below.

  • 1.Zeroseam™ (belts for use in paper core tube manufacturing) ZS-TW Series (Industrial Products Division)
    Zeroseam™ belts for use in paper core tube manufacturing feature a seamless, exceptionally flexible design that delivers long service life. Excellent ductility serves to increase adhesion with the paper core, making it possible to manufacture tubes with low amounts of tension. These features help reduce power consumption as well as the workload on equipment and machinery.
  • 2.GW Series high-speed wipers (Industrial Products Division)
    Industrial machinery wipers continually protect the sliding surfaces of a wide range of industrial machinery from cuttings and dust in order to keep machinery in optimal condition. GW Series high-speed wipers reduce sliding resistance to one-third of that of our standard product by adopting a structure that covers the wipers’ sliding surface with a special material. As a result, the product helps reduce waste by realizing long service life, even under the demanding conditions posed by high-speed, lubrication-free operation.
  • 3.Intelimer™ tape (Industrial Products Division)
    Intelimer™ tape is a functional adhesive tape whose adhesive force varies with temperature. Because the product is reversible and can be used repeatedly, it helps reduce resource use and lower costs. Use of the product is increasing in processes such as cutting, transfer printing, and transport of electronic components and other workpieces in the temperature range where optimal functionality can be obtained.
  • 4.Emilent™ air filters (Clean Engineering Division)
    Emilent™ high-potential air filters reduce initial pressure loss by up to 40% thanks to embossed structure technology and deliver long service life. The product has numerous environmentally friendly features, including high energy-saving benefits, resource savings thanks to the ability to replace only the filter media (through repeated use of the outer frame), and a compact design that includes support for unusual length and width configurations.
  • 5.Underfloor fuel tubing for passenger vehicles (Nitta-Moore Division)
    Extensive studies are underway to reduce vehicle weight as fuel efficiency regulations are made stricter to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger vehicles. Japanese automakers previously used metal fuel lines, but adoption of resin is increasing due to efforts to reduce vehicle weight, with PA11 resin tubes being used. As a plant-derived material, PA11 is carbon-neutral and therefore environmentally friendly. Our Type B Series of plastic multilayer tube products, which are being used in automobile fuel lines, offers excellent barrier performance, minimizing permeation of evaporated gases and preventing their diffusion in outside air to make the product more environmentally friendly.