Involvement with Communities and Society

Involvement with Communities and Society

Supporting Cultural Activities, Communicating with Locals

Nitta contributes to the development of local communities (such as through the preservation of cultural assets) by supporting the maintenance and management of Kotonoura Onzan-Soh-En, a public interest incorporated foundation in Kainan, Wakayama Prefecture. Including gardens landscaped by our founder, Chojiro Nitta, the site was designated a national scenic asset in 2010. We also sponsor events (such as the Doll Festival, Summer Festival, and Autumn Party) hosted by the garden as a way to contribute to regional cultural activities.
Go to the website for an overview of Onzan-Soh-En.

Contributing to Communities as a Good Corporate Citizen

1.Local clean-ups

Our head office, branches, and plants engage in ongoing yearly local clean-up activities, including clean-up campaigns and litter pick-up, in cooperation with local governments and neighboring communities. The amount of litter on our streets and in our neighborhoods is decreasing with every passing year, but large waste items are still being found discarded in spots hidden from view. We will continue to contribute to the beautification of the local communities around us.

Picking up litter around our head office
Picking up litter around a plant
2.Cooperation with blood drives and marrow donor registration

Many Nitta Group employees cooperate with regular blood donation and in marrow donor registration. Nitta has established a donor leave system that provides donor candidates with paid leave for transplant coordination, pre-donation health checks, and hospitalization for marrow collection. Several employees have already used this system to take leave and donate bone marrow.
The blood donation page of the Japanese Red Cross Society website has an article about Nitta’s blood donation drives.

3.Other activities
Collection and donation of used cards
Nitta collects things like used stamps and prepaid cards and donates them to charity organizations.