Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

CSR Procurement Guidelines

Based on the NITTA Group Mission, NITTA Group Code of Conduct, NITTA Group Sustainable Management Policy, and NITTA Group Procurement and Purchasing Policy, the Nitta Group engages in initiatives aimed at sustainable growth and seeks to fulfill its social responsibilities.
Now, in order to carry out and promote responsible CSR procurement in cooperation with our business partners, we created the NITTA Group CSR Procurement Guidelines. The guidelines indicate matters that our employees should naturally recognize and execute, as should our business partners, from the standpoint of fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.
We believe that having these parties understand the aims of the guidelines as they undertake initiatives will lead to the enhancement of corporate value for both our business partners and the Nitta Group.
As part of their operation, we ask for your understanding and cooperation if you are contacted by the Nitta Group to inquire about the status and details of implementation with regard to items in the guidelines.
We look forward to a continued and closer relationship with all of our business partners.
These guidelines apply to all Nitta Group employees and business partners who are connected with Nitta Group procurement and purchasing operations (including subcontracting, outsourcing of construction, facilities, and program-related work, etc.).

(1)Compliance with laws and social norms, and fair transactions

We will comply with laws, ordinances, and government notifications that apply to our business activities. (Corporate law, anti-monopoly law, subcontracting-related law, labor-related laws and regulations, environment-related laws and regulations, etc.)
We will establish a Code of Conduct for ensuring compliance with laws and rules.
We will maintain a whistleblowing system for the reporting of illegal activities and improprieties.
We will prohibit dealings with antisocial forces.
We will prohibit improper provision or receipt of profits.
We will engage in fair transactions with business partners.
We will conduct internal audits to prevent misconduct or errors in business.
We will not misuse our advantageous position in acts that place our suppliers at a disadvantage.
We will respect the intellectual property rights of suppliers and will not use suppliers’ product specifications or know-how without permission. We will also ensure that goods we purchase do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties.
We will not purchase minerals that may be causes of social problems.

(2)Respect for human rights

We will prohibit all forms of harassment.
We will prohibit forced labor, child labor, and unreasonably low wages. We will also not purchase goods made or obtained under unfair working conditions.
We will not discriminate against employees in hiring, placement, or evaluation based on factors such as gender, nationality, age, or religion.
We will comply with internationally accepted norms, such as the International Bill of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, as well as support and put into practice the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

(3)Occupational health and safety

In our business activities, we will comply with national and local labor-related laws and practice strict occupational safety and health management.
We will identify potential disaster and accident risks, prepare emergency response plans for them, and ensure workplace-wide awareness of said plans.
We will provide workers with appropriate protective gear, including safety caps, safety helmets, protective goggles, and gloves.
In the event of injuries or illness due to an occupational accident, we will administer appropriate treatment, investigate and address the cause of the accident, and then keep a record of the incident and response.
We will identify the risks involved in physically demanding work, such as work performed in an unnatural posture, and appropriately manage such work so that it does not lead to accidents or illness.
We will establish appropriate safety measures for all machinery and equipment used by Nitta. In particular, we will perform a risk assessment and safety evaluation whenever new machinery or equipment is introduced.

(4)Assurance of stable supply

We will prepare for natural disasters, accidents, and other contingencies, establish a risk management system, and implement a BCP.

(5)Consideration of the environment

We will construct and operate an environmental management system and maintain and improve the environmental friendliness of our systems.
We will deal with air pollution, water pollution, and industrial waste appropriately and show care for the environment.
We will endeavor to procure and use raw materials, parts, and consumables that have a low environmental load and will work to reduce our environmental impact.
We will practice green procurement and purchasing.
With regard to chemical substances banned by law, regulations, etc., we will obtain the latest information and appropriately manage them based on data.

(6)Social contribution and communication

We will actively undertake activities that contribute to the development of international society and local communities.

We will accurately communicate to suppliers and all other stakeholders information about our policies and business activities.

(7)Information management

We will safeguard confidential information, create internal rules relating to it, and establish security control measures, as well as implement system-based measures.
We will appropriately manage and protect personal information and confidential information, such as that of employees or that which is learned through supplier or customer transactions.

NITTA Group Procurement and Purchasing Policy

We will endeavor to pursue environmentally and socially responsible procurement and purchasing in line with the NITTA Group Mission and Code of Conduct. We will adhere to the following basic approach in our procurement and purchasing.

NITTA Group Procurement and Purchasing Policy

The Nitta Group strives to provide excellent and valuable products and services in order to earn greater trust from the public and to grow together with society. To this end, we will adhere to the following basic approach in our procurement and purchasing.

  1. 1. Legal compliance and confidentiality
    Both domestically and overseas, the members of the Nitta Group make sure that they understand all national and local laws and regulations relevant to their business operations; that they perform procurement and purchasing in compliance with these laws; and that they safely guard all confidential information and data obtained in the course of transactions. Also, the Nitta Group does not engage in transactions that infringe upon, or risk infringing upon, the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.
  2. 2. Objective evaluation in selecting business partners
    The Nitta Group selects business partners according to a set of clear and rational standards that take into consideration such factors as quality, price, company reliability, the likelihood of a stable supply, and environmental preservation.
    Also, as a rule, Nitta Group members solicit estimates from multiple business partners in order to always ensure an appropriate level of competition and fairness in selecting suppliers.
  3. 3. Fair and impartial business dealings
    The Nitta Group pursues business dealings that are fair, impartial, and transparent. Towards that end, it regularly reviews ongoing business arrangements and is constantly looking for business opportunities with new business partners. Additionally, the Nitta Group maintains a complete ban on interactions with antisocial forces and has no involvement in cartels or collusion.
  4. 4. Green procurement and purchasing
    The Nitta Group pursues business dealings and selects suppliers that give sufficient consideration to environmental preservation, resource conservation, and other such concerns.
  5. 5. Emphasis on corporate social responsibility
    The Nitta Group assesses the financial status, technological capacity, and corporate stance of business partners and pursues business dealings that demonstrate a respect for corporate social responsibility.
  6. 6. Matters of strict adherence for procurement managers
    Procurement managers within the Nitta Group must not have any personal interest, financial or otherwise, in the Group’s relationship with business partners or prospective business partners.
  7. 7. Awareness-raising directed at business partners
    The Nitta Group endeavors to build partnerships and improve mutual trust with business partners by ensuring that they understand all of the above, as well as pursue a similar approach to that of the Group.