Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Basic Approach

The Nitta Group effectively operates management systems integrated with its business activities, and, while working to effect continuous improvements and achieve objectives and goals, complies with relevant laws and other requirements.

NITTA Group Occupational Safety and Health Policy
・Achievement of zero-risk workplaces
We will make occupational safety and health risks clear and will continuously effect improvements to create zero-risk workplaces.
・Acting under the recognition that placing safety first and ensuring the health and safety of all employees is the highest priority and the foundation for our corporate activities, we will comply with Japan’s Industrial Safety and Health Act and other regulations and rules. At the same time, through safety and health activities, we will engage in ongoing improvement and work to prevent and eliminate occupational accidents, automobile accidents, and deterioration of the health environment in the company.

Under the above policy, we have established and operate 10 Safety Articles and 10 Pledges for Safe Behavior.

Structure Diagram

Preventing Occupational Accidents

In our occupational safety and health management program, we conduct activities under an annual plan. We are creating a program to carry out safety and health patrols as often as possible, and are building mechanisms to ensure that every workplace system, safety and health promotion staff member, health manager, and so on can issue improvement charts to check, maintain, and improve workplaces and take action as needed. Beginning with education for new employees, we cover familiar topics including heat stroke and hold traffic safety seminars, foreman education, risk assessment training, and more. To improve our individual hazard risk detection (i.e., making sure that each of us can and will detect any hazard that is present within our arms’ reach) and to thereby avoid occupational incidents and accidents, we plan these activities to instill in individuals an awareness of the importance of personally maintaining and improving zero-risk status. Safety and health promotion managers act as trainers whenever appropriate to use risk experience devices that encourage broader experiences and improve sensitivity to risk. We have adopted mechanisms that allow us to use rules based on ISO 45001 in practical work to undertake safety and health improvements. We have set up a Safety and Health Promotion Officers Conference to horizontally deploy sites’ actions as company-wide safety activities.

  • ・Safety and health patrols by various management positions
  • ・Risk assessment (safety, health, traffic, chemical) surveys
  • ・Near-miss incident training ・Safe forklift operation classes
  • ・Disaster simulation classes・Heat stroke prevention classes
  • ・Safety education and first-aid training for hazardous material handlers
  • ・Traffic safety classes