Approach to CSR

Consistent Pursuit of CSR Activities Since the Founding of the Nitta Group

Within the Nitta Group, we carry out our business activities in connection with our customers, business partners, shareholders, investors, employees, local communities, and all the rest of our stakeholders. These days, it is becoming increasingly essential for companies to ensure that the efforts they make in fulfilling their primary duty to increase corporate value and generate profits is accompanied by efforts to fulfill their responsibilities to society.

Nitta’s founder, Chojiro Nitta, said that, “It is by producing outstanding products that businesses prosper, but it is essential that businesses use their profits for the benefit of society.” And, as Chojiro’s words imply, as far back as the Meiji period—before the term “CSR” even existed—the Nitta Group has pursued business activities that are in harmony with society.

For example, in 1911, Chojiro helped establish a private night school (Yurin Elementary School) for children who were unable to attend daytime classes because they were working. Chojiro took on all of the school’s operational costs, going so far as to pay for students’ school supplies, clothing, and shoes. Later, in 1923, Chojiro used his wealth to fund the establishment and operation of the Matsuyama Higher School of Commerce in his hometown of Matsuyama. In 1949, this school was promoted to university status, becoming Matsuyama University of Commerce (now Matsuyama University).

The Nitta Group respects the approach embodied in Chojiro’s words and has consistently undertaken activities that contribute to society in a variety of forms. At the same time, the numerous Nitta Group-led business initiatives in producing technological innovation, introducing cutting-edge technology, collaborating with international corporations, and much more helped grow Nitta to the point that it was able to be listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Stock Exchange (now merged into the Tokyo Stock Exchange) in 1997. Ever since 1885, when Nitta was first established in Osaka by Chojiro, the Nitta Group has continuously pursued business activities that are in harmony with society. We are confident that this attitude and approach will remain alive and well among all of the current and future executives and employees working in the Nitta Group.