Business Continuity Planning

Establishment of the Nitta Group Business Continuity Basic Policy

In the event of a major earthquake or other natural disaster, or in the event of any other emergency that entails major damage, the priorities of the Nitta Group are to ensure the safety of its employees and their families, to minimize the loss of business assets, and to continue or promptly restore the operation of core business.
Based on this thinking, the following business continuity plan (BCP) basic policy and action guidelines have been established.

Nitta Group Business Continuity Basic Policy

Basic Policy

The Nitta Group has formulated a business continuity plan (BCP) involving all employees, which seeks to continuously improve the Group’s ability to respond to and recover from risks capable of hindering business operations and negatively impacting stakeholders; to ensure the Group is able to continue business operations during contingency situations, such as natural disasters and accidents; and to enable Group companies to fulfill their responsibilities to society and the local community while still providing the high-quality products and services that customers expect.

Action Guidelines

The following action guidelines have been established in order to facilitate implementation of the Business Continuity Basic Policy.

During Normal Operations
  • ・Priority Operations Identification and Recovery MeasuresEach business department identifies priority operations that must be maintained during contingency situations. They set a target time frame for recovery of these operations, and they then systematically implement measures that will enable recovery within this time frame.
    Please note that Nitta does not engage in purchasing transactions that would infringe upon the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.
  • ・Procedure Manual Creation and Training Nitta has created procedure manuals and other instructional resources for facilitating business continuity and recovery during contingency situations. Training is systematically carried out based upon them.
  • ・Revision and ImprovementBusiness environment changes and training results are evaluated on a regular basis, and the results are used to facilitate ongoing revision and improvement of action plans and recovery procedure manuals.
During Contingency Operations
  • ・Respect for Human LifeNitta’s chief priorities are to confirm the safety of employees, their families, and those in the surrounding affected areas, and also to prevent secondary disasters.
  • ・Social ContributionThe Nitta Group as a whole seeks to contribute to society and the local community and towards that end facilitates employee-led, preservation and restoration activity-related initiatives.