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Nitta takes care in posting information on this website but cannot ensure that such information is accurate, is the latest, or meets the objectives or expectations of the customer.
Nitta accepts no responsibility in the event that there is an error on the website.
Nitta accepts no responsibility for any losses suffered by the customer from using or not using such information, or from using this website.
Nitta may modify or delete information on this website without prior notification, and may temporarily halt website operation, or terminate it.
Nitta accepts no responsibility for any losses suffered by the customer as a result of the modification or deletion of information on this website, or the halting or termination of website operation, for any reason.


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Nitta does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the text on this website and the nature of the content therein. Nitta accepts no responsibility in the event that there is an error in the text on the website. Nitta may modify the text on this website without prior notification.

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The information provided on the website is current at the time of posting. The information is subject to change after the date of posting.

Protection of Personal Information

Nitta fully recognizes the importance of the protection of personal information and has therefore established a privacy policy. Nitta enforces the protection, management, operation, and use of personal information that we receive from customers according to the following policy.

Privacy Policy

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  4. When Nitta requests that you remove a link to this website for whatever reason, you must do so immediately.

If you are to link from this website to other websites operated by third parties, note that such linked websites are managed and operated under the responsibility of such third parties. Under no circumstances will Nitta be liable in any way for damages of any kind suffered by the customer resulting from the use of such websites.

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